Selective HA Open Source T-shirt Face Mask Pattern & Tutorial

Aloha mai kakou! 💙 We made this shareable pattern for a DIY mask you can make out of a t-shirt - it's a simplied version of our original mask that is much easier and quicker to sew, but still with solid fit and comfort. If you want to add a filter you can cut a puka (hole) in the lining on either side of the face to insert, and because it's a knit fabric it should hold. If you make it out of a white T-shirt you can bleach sanitize. No need elastic - hopefully no need to leave the home at all to make!

For the wire you can use a twist tie, thicker gauge jewelry wire, pipe cleaner... get creative. The casing allows you to easily switch out wires til you find the one. 

This is a GREAT entry level sewing project if you've always wanted to sew but feel intimidated. If you have sewing questions, call an aunty!

Complete Printable Pattern, Instructions, and Technical Drawing Pack here.


No medical claims made on any of this, you already know the deal 💙🌈✨🤙🏽